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Adamed focuses on ecology

10 July 2019

Care for the environment is an important factor in planning all of Adamed’s activities. The company, which places the well-being of patients at the centre of its activities and responds to key challenges in modern medicine, understands the enormous impact of clean environment on human health.

Zero waste

Adamed focuses on implementing solutions to protect the environment, both in production and in other business areas. One example of this is the “zero waste” programme related to waste management, which is in line with the circular economy trend. The main aim of this programme is to transform as much waste as possible into raw materials. Over the past 4 years, Adamed reduced its energy consumption for heating purposes by 37 percent and its electricity consumption by 7 percent. The amount of wastewater has been reduced by 30 percent and CO2 emissions by 22 percent, while the production of waste has been reduced with as much as 82 percent being redirected to recycling. Moreover, new techniques have enabled the transformation of communal waste into secondary raw materials. Savings obtained by the company in this way are donated to charity.

Adamed's goal was to achieve the highest possible level of segregation of plastic, paper and cardboard waste. Project implementation in the factories of Pabianice and Ksawerów began as early as 2016. Thanks to streamlined segregation processes at both plants, it is currently possible to collect plastics divided into ten fractions, as well as segregate paper, cardboard and municipal waste.

Care for the environment goes hand in hand with measureable financial savings for the company – already in 2016, the costs of neutralization of industrial waste decreased by over 60%, and of municipal waste by nearly 30%.

Implementing the “zero waste” concept also engages all of Adamed’s employees. In 2017, they submitted 759 ideas for optimising production processes and preventing waste, 613 of which were implemented.


In 2019, Adamed carried out another eco-investment, deciding to replace its employee vehicle fleet with hybrid Toyota Corolla Sedans and Toyota Camrys. This is another stop on the company’s ceaseless search for innovative solutions in various areas. The first hybrid vehicles arrived in June 2019 and Adamed plans the changeover of the fleet over the next 4 years so that it consists exclusively of low-emission hybrid vehicles.

The new hybrids in the fleet burn less fuel and we save at least one litre for every 100 km travelled, and therefore they emit less carbon dioxide into the environment. Our analyses show that the changeover of 200 vehicles will limit CO2 emissions by almost 120 tonnes annually,” explains Paweł Pawlik, head of the Car Fleet Team at Adamed Pharma S.A.

The choice of hybrid cars is not only a matter of innovation and comfort for employees, but first and foremost, real savings in the company's budget, resulting from low combustion and operating costs, which will be most visible in the next few years.

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