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Adamed Pharma again a leader among top employers according to the prestigious Forbes Poland and Wprost rankings

25 April 2024

Adamed Pharma again ranked 1st among employers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and 15th in the overall ranking of Poland's Top Employers, prepared by Forbes Polska magazine in cooperation with the international research institute Statista. In turn, in the latest edition of Wprost weekly's independent ranking of Poland's 50 Best Employers, Adamed ranked a high 7th, being the only pharmaceutical company named in the list.

Today, Adamed employs more than 2,700 Associates, providing drug safety to millions of patients in the country and in dozens of international markets. With a diverse and multicultural team in mind, Adamed creates an engaging and stable workplace and conditions that allow for the personal development of Associates and the success of the organization. 

Poland's Top Employers Forbes Poland - 1st in industry, 15th overall 

The ranking of Poland's Best Employers 2024 was made for the fourth time according to Statista and Forbes' proprietary method of evaluating entities on the basis of peer-to-peer recommendations. The research company asked employees themselves to rate employers and provide data for analysis. They rated their employers in an anonymous questionnaire, so the actual quality of the jobs offered was examined. The ranking was based on the results of questionnaires collected between October 24 and November 30 last year. The survey took 10 minutes to complete. In it, participants were able to rate their employer, as well as other companies in the sector in which they work. The Poland's Best Employers 2024 survey report included several hundred top employers from about 25 industries, employing at least 250 people. This year's list of Poland's Top Employers was published in the May issue of Forbes Poland magazine.

Maintaining a leadership position among the industry's top employers affirms that the Adamed brand is recognized and valued not only as a drug manufacturer, but also as a reliable and trusted employer. 

- This is another edition of the Forbes ranking, in which Adamed Pharma is a leader in its industry, thus ranking high among all entities surveyed. I welcome these results - as they demonstrate that as an organization we are consistent, create a family-oriented, safe and engaging work environment, and strengthen our organizational culture, strongly correlated with Adamed's DNA - Founder's Mentality," says Tomasz Krzak, Member of the Board of Adamed Pharma S.A., Director of People, Culture and Organization Development. 

WPROST 50 Best Employers Ranking - 7th place. 
On April 22 this year, the 5th edition of WPROST weekly's Ranking of the 50 Best Polish Employers was also published. The final list included 50 companies operating in our country. The basis for the methodology of the ranking is an original questionnaire sent to the largest Polish companies. Adamed Pharma took a high 7th place among several hundred surveyed organizations. Success factors included stable civil-legal employment conditions, ensuring competitive salaries and bonuses, as well as maintaining stable employment levels. Also important in the assessment was Adamed Pharma's social commitment and - uninterrupted since the outbreak of the war - assistance in the purchase of medicines and medical aid for Ukraine, currently worth PLN 17 million. 

Boldly. Family-oriented. Ambitious. For you. For others
Adamed is made up of people who, through their passion and commitment, effectively influence the development of the company and, at the same time, develop themselves along with its dynamic growth. Providing associates with a sense of security and stability is a key element of the organization's culture. This translates into a friendly and engaging atmosphere at work, which is confirmed by the results of the Pulse 2023 Engagement Survey - among the 10 highest rated categories were cooperation (as many as 79% of Associates appreciate the relationship and quality of the Team's cooperation in the context of achieving common goals) and acceptance of diversity (76% of Associates declare that they can be themselves at work regardless of political views, religion, gender, etc.). Adamed believes in the potential of its Associates, which is why it makes sure that they can develop and strengthen with the support of experienced managers, and in accordance with its HR policy - it prioritizes internal recruitment. Every Associate can take part and grow within a new role. Adamed also invests in the development of managers, offering them programs based on K. Blanchard's methodology (Situational Leadership), as well as giving them the opportunity to build competencies at prestigious international leadership programs. A permanent element that strengthens the company's leadership culture is coaching. Thanks to working with a coach, managers successfully strengthen their effectiveness, build their authority and achieve their goals more effectively. 

Adamed's mission is to respond to the key challenges of modern medicine. All Associates, regardless of the area of the organization, operate with a sense of its fulfillment.