Adamed on the rostrum again!

21 April 2014

The Ski Championship of Polish Pharmaceutical Firms were held in Krynica-Zdrój on 6-9 March 2014.  16 pharmaceutical firms took part this year. The Adamed Group was proudly represented by: Jan Malicki, Agnieszka Kulińska, Ewa Nowicka, Marcin Wilk, Kamil Lasok, Karolina Czekaj and Maja Sikora, under the leadership of Bartosz Komendera, making his debut as team captain. This completely new composition of the Adamed Group Ski Team took second place on the rostrum, winning a silver medal in the prestigious “POWER RACE – Parallel Team Slalom”.  It should be stressed that this is the fifth year in a row when the Adamed Group team has defended its place on the rostrum. The ”VIP Women’s Giant Slalom” was also a success - Karolina Czekaj was first past the post.

”During this championship we fought for the best possible result with great determination and up to the very end.  I sincerely thank the entire team for their faith in victory and for their spirit of sporting competition,” -  said Bartosz Komendera, captain of the Adamed Group Ski Team.

”The Adamed Group has proved once again that it has an excellent and coordinated team which led our firm to the rostrum in a wonderful style. What is more, the task was more difficult this year because of the regrouping and a new captain.  This provides all the more reason to offer congratulations,” – said Grzegorz Michniewski, Chief Commercial Officer of the Adamed Group, summing up the achievement of the contestants. 

Adamed Group Ski Team– general classification:
Parallel Slalom – POWER RACE Team Relay:  II place – Adamed Group (Jan Malicki, Agnieszka Kulińska, Ewa Nowicka, Marcin Wilk, Kamil Lasok and Bartosz Komendera). VIP Women’s Giant Slalom: I place – Karolina Czekaj. Women’s Giant Slalom: V place – Agnieszka Kulińska, XVI place – Ewa Nowicka, XVII place – Karolina Czekaj, XVIII place – Maja Sikora. Men’s Giant Slalom: X place – Bartosz Komendera, XVIII place – Kamil Lasok, XXXI place Jan Malicki, XXXVI place: Marcin Wilk.

29 April 2014
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17 February 2014