Adamed Group publishes a CSR report

2 February 2017

The Adamed Group have published their first corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.  The document describes at length the key areas of the company’s CSR policy: patients, Associates, the market, the environment, and support for science. The report also outlines the corporate values that the Adamed Group adheres to in day-to-day operations.

“The pharmaceutical industry is a high-tech industry, crucial for the innovation of the economy as a whole. The report provides evidence that our industry can grow in a sustainable manner, taking into account social interests, the environment, and relations with various stakeholder groups,” Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Adamed Group, pointed out.

The document prepared provides not only a detailed account of socially responsible actions undertaken in 2015, but also constitutes a kind of “opening report” summarising good practices from previous years. It presents, among other things, many social campaigns run by the Adamed Group, the ADAMED SmartUP educational and scientific programme, and comprehensive development programmes offered to the Group’s associates.

“We have recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of Adamed. From the very beginning, we have been developing with a sense of responsibility towards society. The report shows that CSR is an element of our long-term strategy — we treat it as a moral obligation and necessity resulting from our business activities,” Katarzyna Dubno, Director of External Relations and Health Economics, Adamed Group, says.

The report was prepared in accordance with recognised GRI G.4. reporting guidelines and was independently reviewed by an external company.

To better understand our external stakeholders and their expectations with regard to the Report, we conducted a dialogue session prior to developing the report structure. The guests invited included representatives of public authorities, patient organisations, doctors, suppliers, and social organisations, Anna Kosińska, CSR Project Manager, Adamed Group, emphasises.

The report is available on-line at

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21 December 2016