Adamed Group inspires jurnalists

10 October 2014

The debates held at the conference were prepared in the form of interactive discussions proceeded by experts’ speeches. One of the speakers was Krzysztof Kurowski, the Director of Research and Development Department at the Adamed Group, who started his speech with a description of the current situation when it comes to the market of generic drugs. Krzysztof Kurowski  pointed out that the yearly worldwide rate of this market’s development stood at the level of 12 %, showing the highest potential in the region of East-Central Europe. Next, he moved on to describe the history of the Adamed Group which is currently Poland’s leading company in the area of new generation drugs focusing on the development of innovative therapies in the scope of oncology and neuropsychiatry. He also talked about the process of creating an innovative drug, at the same time pointing out to the fact that the risk of failure regarding such challenging tasks is quite high.

We took a very courageous decision to start works on research projects related to the search for innovative drugs. Since then the investment in research and development has become an integral part of our company’s mission. In the pharmaceutical industry such projects require considerable financial outlays and always involve risk. However, the reward and the crowning achievement of our efforts will be priceless: the first innovative drug of Polish origin  – Krzysztof Kurowski said. 


Moreover, the Director of Research and Development Department of the Adamed Group mentioned the phenomenon of the patent cliff as well as the trend connected with the fact that international pharmaceutical companies (so called Big Pharma) decide to close down their own research and development centres and look for partners among organizations such as the Adamed Group.  Our strategy in the scope of innovative projects takes advantage of  the market opportunity resulting from challenges that the global pharmaceutical industry faces. In the search for the answer to the ongoing and massive loss of market exclusivity of their leading products, the companies are searching for candidates outside their own R&D centres. Our goal is to establish cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies that will involve the sales of rights to candidates for original drugs, created in their own laboratories. What is more, we do not exclude the model of cooperation based on partnership in the realization of subsequent stages of development as far as our innovative projects are concerned – Krzysztof Kurowski added.


He also made a reference to the cooperation of the Adamed Group with the scientific environment consisting of leading academic centres both in Poland and abroad with whom the company formed a scientific-industrial consortium. Krzysztof Kurowski concluded his speech by saying:  Thanks to this cooperation, over 150 experts from leading universities can participate in our research works.  Through the realization of ambitious projects, our team members have an opportunity to pursue their scientific career. Their efforts result in numerous doctoral thesis or initiated registrations and conferment procedures for a doctoral degree based on real projects.