Adamed Group at EFNI 2014

6 October 2014

 - Nowadays everything can be copied – a business model, a strategy, processes and procedures, products and sales channels. What cannot be copied, however,  is the human mind. It is the human mind that constitutes the most essential element of building up competitive advantage of global enterprises.  We do it by attracting young people to Adamed Group - Małgorzata Adamkiewicz said.
The debate covered such issues like:  the effectiveness of the Polish educational system  with regard to finding and developing young talents or the cooperation between talented scientists and the world of business.  The participants included: Professor Michał Kleiber (The President of the Polish Academy of Science), Zbigniew Bochniarz (Visiting Professor, University of Washington, Seattle, Poland/USA), Lukas Macek (Director, Sciences Po Paris – College of Europe – East-Central Europe, Dijon, France) and a rising star of the Polish science – Kinga Panasiewicz – the winner in the category „Medicine and Health Sciences" in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013 competition. The debate was conducted by Beata Socha (Warsaw Business Journal). Thanks to such a varied circle of panelists it was possible to look at  the challenges facing the educational system in a wider perspective, with an aim to develop young talented people who are so important in the process of building an innovative economy. 
 - The current environment in which the future leaders are educated has numerous weak points which need to be fixed in the context of educational system – starting from pre-schools, through schools and further education.  Poland abounds in young talented people, we have  a lot of winners of international olympiads at the level of pre-high school and high school, who over the last 3 years have won 8 gold,  18 silver and 22 bronze medals in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.   In order to fully exploit the intellectual potential of the future leaders, it is necessary  to provide them with easier contact with schools and universities and enable them to start the cooperation with businesses.   Some companies are already working on their own programs engaging young people, however, there is still a lack of systemic approach.  Fruitful cooperation between business and science and creating proper conditions for young talents to be developed  are factors which contribute to building the innovative economy of our country -  Małgorzata Adamkiewicz pointed out.  
Young talents are born as early as in pre-school – therefore already at the first stage of education we should shape such values like independent thinking, ability to make individual judgments, creativity and ability to work in a team – Professor Michał Kleiber concluded.

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz has repeatedly emphasized that young talents are a huge chance for the development of the pharmaceutical industry which, according to OECD classification, is one of the top 3 most innovative economy branches.  At Adamed group we have been offering internships to young people for many years.  The best of them are offered a full time job.  However, we observe even wider space for creating a full-range program for talented youth – Małgorzata Adamkiewicz observed.

The European Forum of New Ideas  is an international meeting of business circles to debate on the future of Europe and its economy perceived in a wide, global context.  It has been organized since 2011 by the Lewiatan Confederation in cooperation with BUSINESSEUROPE, the city of Sopot, as well as Polish and international companies and institutions.  This year’s edition of EFNI – of which Adamed Group was the partner – was organized under the title of’  Safe and competitive Europe – a realistic goal or unattainable dream? - the business perspective’.