Adamed Group at the Innovative Economy Congress

26 May 2012

The III Innovative Economy Congress was held in Warsaw on May 24-25. Participating in the event were representatives of the country’s highest authorities, delegates of the European Commission and the Monetary Policy Council. This year’sspecial guest was Francis Fukuyama. Over the period of two days, 10 discussion panels were held that attracted over 100 eminent representatives of science, business and politics. The Copernicus Science Center, where the Congress was held, was visited by about 700 guests and the live internet broadcast attracted over 3000 viewers. 
Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group, participated in the panel titled: Pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology – is the current model of financing medicine effectively blocking the introduction of innovative solutions.  Maciej Adamkiewicz: “Building an economy based on knowledge is our priority for today. By investing in research of modern therapies for patients, we create an impulse for economic development of our country, but we also give a chance for improvement of access to innovative solutions in the hands of Polish patients. It is a great challenge and opportunity for us as an industry. We must use it well. The key is the cooperation of the whole sector with the academic world and also with administration. Exchange of good practices, transparency of procedures and openness for dialog facilities an increasing number of companies from the pharmaceutical-medical sector to become involved in research of innovative solutions for Polish patients. “