Adamed Group at the 5th European Economic Congress

16 May 2013

Issues relating to expansion of companies onto global markets, such as multiculturalism and risks of investing in distant locations were discussed during the session titled: “Management. Company on the global market”, which was also attended by Maciej Adamkiewicz. Beginning the discussion, President of the Adamed Group noted that Polish companies are still learning about operating on the global market.  - Despite the fact that Poland has just 24 years of a free market economy, it can be safely said that we are on the right path – added Maciej Adamkiewicz, at the same time pointing out that internationalization is a process in which certain phases are unavoidable. 

Adamed Group’s President also took part in the session: “Prescription for growth. Debate of managers”, which was dedicated to challenges standing before Polish business. Participants of the debate considered what kind of crisis we are in fact dealing with: overproduction or rather lack of trust in the current model of economics. They pointed out that excessive fiscalism is one of the factors that can negatively influence the stability of enterprise. Although, it is beneficial to invest in people and projects that focus on R&D thereby helping to develop a knowledge based economy. 

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Kurowski, President of Polfa Pabianice and Director of Operations and R&D at the Adamed Group, participated in the debate titled: “Europe’s Innovative Economy”. It aimed to identify barriers that hinder the development of innovations in the Polish economy, and to identify solutions that can improve interaction between institutions that focus on innovation in the private sector and between the private and public sectors as well as in terms of commercialization results of research. 
Mr. Kurowski highlighted the fact that in terms of developing innovation, cooperation between business and science is vital, although it must be supported by public administration and focused on developing applicable projects. In the context of EU’s financial perspective for 2014-2020 it is important to decide which innovative projects we will be supporting in Poland – said Krzysztof Kurowski.

When asked about the role of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in development of original drugs, Mr. Kurowski responded:  - We are convinced that we can be part of this multi-level process, even by entering into partnerships with multinationals. We should keep in mind that when considering R&D expenditures, they have relatively low effectiveness of creating new generation drugs. As a result, many companies shut down their R&D departments and gain access to new molecules through such companies as the Adamed Group. It is a huge opportunity for us to develop.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
7 June 2013
10 May 2013