Adamed Group at European Innovation Week

11 December 2017

Bartłomiej Żerek, based on the experience of Adamed Group, pointed out that the close cooperation of business with Polish universities makes it possible to invest in ever more advanced products, competing on global markets with innovative solutions. The participants also heard about how, in 2005, Adamed Group, together with the Jagiellonian University, the creation of one of the first scientific-industrial consortia in Poland. Currently, it cooperates on a daily basis with over 150 scientists from leading Polish academic centres.

The European Innovation Week was the first event in the series. The programme was divided into thematic blocks such as: Bio-Energy Forum, Digitalisation Forum, Innovation in Medicine Conference, Start-Up Exchange. The event also featured the Debate of Partner Towns and Regions and the Innovation Gala. Furthermore, the meeting was a space for discussion on the role of bioeconomy and energy in shaping the competitiveness of regions, and achievements in the use of robotics in cardiac surgery. At the Innovation Gala, the results of the ‘Innovation Leader’ competition were announced. The aim of the competition was to promote entrepreneurs from the region of Lublin, who received support under the Regional Operational Programme of the Lublin Province. From among 400 projects, the final fifteen were selected and given awards by the Competition Jury in the categories corresponding to the four specialisations of the Lublin Province: bioeconomy, medicine and health, low-emission energy, as well as IT and automation.