Global challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic - the Second International Conference Adamed coming soon

15 April 2021

Defeating the SARS-CoV2 virus and ending the COVID-19 pandemic are the most important global challenges that the entire global healthcare system has been facing for over a year. The next mutations or complications that convalescents struggle with are the problems of today's medicine. At the same time, doctors are constantly trying to help other patients and ensure that they have access to necessary therapies. In order to better understand the virus and help the sick, comprehensive and professional knowledge is needed.  Several thousand experts from around the world will participate in the next International Conference Adamed shortly. The event entitled 'Another year of pandemic and new challenges in healthcare system' will be held online on 22nd - 23rd April, 2021.

Knowledge based on the latest scientific research, cooperation with experts and innovations have been the only sound practices to fight the coronavirus so far. Responding to the key challenges of modern medicine, Adamed invites doctors from nine countries in Europe and Asia to the International Conference for the second time. The event will be devoted to the latest news in the fight against COVID-19 and observations of how the pandemic changes everyday clinical practice and the challenges it poses to doctors. Lectures will be broadcast online with translation into Polish, English, Russian and Spanish.

The main moderator of the 2nd International Conference Adamed will be prof. Andrzej M. Fal - Head of the Clinical Department of Allergology, Lung Diseases and Internal Diseases, Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in Warsaw and the President of the Management Board of the Polish Society of Public Health. In his opinion, the project of this type is a great support for doctors: Over 10,000 doctors participated in the first edition of the conference. During two days of this event, we discussed practically every issue that could be useful for us when treating our patients and stopping COVID-19. Several months later, the pandemic is still serious, but we started to vaccinate and gain some points in the fight against the coronavirus. To gain even more of them, let's meet at the 2nd  International Conference Adamed.

The conference agenda includes lectures prepared by 18 experts from 9 countries. The lectures concern, among others, topics such as the role of psychiatrists in times of the pandemic, complication during post COVID-19 recovery and patient rehabilitation, as well as the impact of this disease on reproductive health. There will also be the latest information on vaccinations.