CSR/Corporate social responsibility

Adamed participated in the "CSR in practice" conference

20 October 2021

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing branches of the economy. Its impact on the environment is multidimensional - it is not only economic, but also social and environmental impact.

The first edition of the conference was devoted to five goals of UN Sustainable Development. The event program consisted of four thematic blocks. One of them was responsible business presenting various industries and their activities in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance / Environment, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance). The representative of Adamed presented the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry - topics related to the supply chain and innovation in the context of climate challenges and social activities.

A pharmaceutical company is working on innovation. Therefore this approach is definitely useful in developing activities in the field of ESG - mindset focused on searching for new solutions, often not obvious ones. Certainly, openness and cooperation also help in approaching these issues. Regarding environmental and social issues, we cooperate with experts and academic centers to develop the best solutions. Society looks at business not only through the prism of the product or service it provides, but also how it is done. - said Martyna Strupczewska.

The "CSR in practice" conference is an event attended by CSR practitioners, employees of PR, marketing departments and a representative of NGOs. The event is an initiative of MTP Group with the support of content partners of CSR Consulting, United Global Compact Network Poland, Kozminski University and Deloitte.