The armed conflict in Ukraine has been going on for a year now and we are not stopping our aid efforts

23 February 2023

One year after Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, aid, engagement and support are still needed in the areas where hostilities continue. For a year now, Adamed Pharma’s aid activities related to the war in Ukraine have been prioritised towards securing drug supplies. 

To date, Adamed Pharma has donated to Ukraine medicines and medical aid worth in total nearly PLN 14.5 million (EUR 3.1 million). The first shipments of our medicines arrived in Ukraine already in the first days of the war, reaching hospitals in Lviv, Yavoriv, Uzhgorod, Mostyska and Kiev, among others.

The efforts and activities of the Adamed Pharma Ukraine team to understand the needs of doctors saving the lives of soldiers on the battlefield, as well as civilians requiring ongoing medical care in invaded areas, were crucial. In a situation where 20% of pharmacies in Ukraine were closed at the beginning of the war, our associates were in daily contact with doctors, providing not only the much needed medicines, but also caring for their mental well-being, their families or supporting them with ongoing communication and lifting their spirits.

Adamed Pharma is aware that help is needed in many areas, and while it focuses its efforts on drug safety, it also supports other relief efforts. Our financial donations have supported the activities of: Polish Medical Mission, the SOS Children’s Villages Association, and the Polish Psychiatric Association.

We are actively supporting the acclimatisation of the youngest war refugees in Poland. Over the past year, we have donated 2,100 school starter kits to Ukrainian children who began their education in Polish schools. The kits were given to children in Warsaw as well as Lubelskie and Podkarpackie provinces.

In addition, we care about education, development and bridging language barriers. Adamed Foundation has provided teaching aids in Ukrainian, developed as part of the ADAMED SmartUp programme. On YouTube, you can find a playlist entitled “ADAMED SmartUp Academy with Ukrainian subtitles”, featuring resources on selected themes related to exact and life sciences. They have been designed for teenagers and young adults aged 14-19 and will come in handy to both pupils and teachers.

Also keeping in mind the international character of our activities, since the war broke out, Adamed has been surrounding its Ukrainian colleagues and their families with care. They have been provided with assistance of a subsistence, material and psychological nature. Support is being given to associates and their families who have been or are still in the war zones, as well as those who work at Adamed on a daily basis, including at the Production and Logistics Centre in Pabianice. Within the organisation, Adamed’s employees have been coordinating the collection of supplies, as well as volunteering activities, and arranging transport and accommodation for Ukrainian families, since the first days of the war.

In the face of continued hostilities in Ukraine, Adamed Pharma is not stopping its relief efforts. We are still in contact with state institutions or public benefit organisations in this regard.

While committing our energy to helping Ukraine, at the same time we are constantly focusing our attention on ensuring the availability of medicines in Poland. In the face of the current socio-political situation and the ongoing hostilities on Ukrainian territory, we are daily reminded of the key values of security and lasting international peace as well as opposition to the use of force and violence against health and life.