CSR/Corporate social responsibility

The ADAMED SmartUP programme is going international

23 November 2019

In December of this year, the pilot edition of the ADAMED SmartUp programme was launched in Vietnam. During the launch, students from the Polish-Vietnamese Friendship Middle School in Hanoi were invited to take part in the recruitment process to select participants for the 6-month English language course with selected elements of the Polish edition of the programme. In July 2020, three of the participants will join the 6th ADAMED SmartUp camp organised in Warsaw.

Recruitment for the international edition of the ADAMED SmartUP programme in Vietnam was carried out among the students of the Polish-Vietnamese Friendship Middle School in Hanoi. During the first stage, students were tested on their knowledge of the sciences. The next stage of elimination featured tests of their language skills.

The recruitment process identified the 60 most talented students from the school in Hanoi who, during the next six months, will participate in an English course featuring science terminology, organised by ADAMED SmartUP. Classes began on 15 December and will last until May 2020. The course will be expanded to include selected elements of the Polish edition of ADAMED SmartUP programme, which will allow the students to be even more prepared to participate in the summer science camp. In July 2020, the 6th edition of the camp will be organised in Warsaw, during which 50 participants from Poland will be joined by three students from Hanoi.

“It’s amazing that I’ll be able to go abroad thanks to science!” and “I want to go to Poland so much!” were some of the reactions of the Vietnamese students during the recruitment process.

The organiser of the ADAMED SmartUP programme underlines that it is no accident that the pilot edition is taking place in Vietnam. Since 2017, Adamed has been the owner of one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam – Dat Vi Phu. The purchase transaction for a majority stake in the Vietnamese company is by far the largest Polish direct investment in Vietnam. The programme launch in Hanoi, in turn, is already the next step taken by Adamed in the region as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts. In pursuing its educational mission in Vietnam, Adamed donated 20 interactive monitors to the Polish-Vietnamese Friendship School as a teaching aid.