Polish-American Week of Innovation with the Adamed

25 November 2014

The Polish-American Week of Innovation is the most important economic mission in the history of Polish economic diplomacy and the biggest event of this type in the history of Polish-American relations.  It was attended by over 200 companies.  The Polish delegation in the USA was headed by Katarzyna Kacperczyk, the undersecretary of state at the Ministry of External Affairs. 

The purpose of this event was to strengthen Poland’s image as an innovative country, where advanced industrial technologies are created, as well as  to introduce Polish entrepreneurs as highly valuable and reliable partners for American firms.  

The events such as The Polish-American Innovation or conferences „Do Innovation in Poland” and „Polish-American Conference on Research Opportunities and Challenges” at the Universities in Berkeley and Stanford were accompanied by presentation sessions of Polish companies.  The participants of The Polish-American Week of Innovation also had an opportunity to pay visits to the head offices of major American companies operating in high-technology sectors including pharma and biotechnology.