Oeparol Extra Radio advertising campaign

18 October 2012

An advertising campaign for the Oeparol Extra Odporność supplement launched on October 15th and will continue until the end of December. 

Radio spots featuring the Oeparol line will be broadcast on Radio ZET, RMF FM, and on Polish Public Radio stations One and Three. An educational program, School of Immunity, published in Viva as well as a Facebook contest will also accompany the radio campaign. The main prize is a family photo session published in Viva magazine.

Oeparol Extra Odporność is a modern product containing IMMUNO RC COMPLEX, which contains a unique combination of such ingredients as Omega-6 fatty acid, rutin and vitamin C and E. It is ideal for people with decreased immunity, who are feeling fatigue and as a result are at a risk of infections.

Oeparol Extra Odporność helps to build strength and the body’s natural defense especially in autumn and winter months. This product helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Take a look at the spot:

When you want to increase your immunity, take Oeparol Extra!- spot [mp 3 file]

5 November 2012
16 October 2012