„Next Step Poland” Conference

2 February 2015

On the initiative of the Polish representatives of the Cambridge Society, a meeting entitled ”Next Step Poland” was held on 31 January 2015, which aimed at presenting the Polish students with the possibilities of scientific and professional development in Poland. During this exceptional meeting the Adamed Group was represented by Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Tomasz Krzak, HR Director, and Monika Grodzka, Recruitment Manager.

The presentation given by Małgorzata Adamkiewicz was one of the major components of the conference. The speech emphasised the changes that have taken place in our country over the last 25 years thanks to which Poland is now one of the countries that have a real influence on the functioning of the European Union and plays an increasing role internationally. The aim of the speech was also to encourage the students to return to Poland.

- Poland begins to be an attractive country not only for the highly qualified specialists, but also for the young talented people just investing in their professional career. In the process of looking for the right candidates for the jobs that we offer, above all we assess their potential, which is more valuable than experience gained on the job market. We have prepared a highly attractive offer for people who want to join our team. We are searching for candidates interested in self-development in the area of research and development, but also in the areas of sales and marketing, finance or production. We create an inspiring and friendly work environment through the whole system of internal training courses and development programs. Engagement, willingness to learn and openness to the world are among the values that we cherish most – said Małgorzata Adamkiewicz.

In her speech, Małgorzata Adamkiewicz emphasised the importance of the Polish transformation, which contributed to the increase in the life standard of the Polish people and the growth of scholarly indicators in the higher education sector, which in consequence had an influence also on the development of industry. Polish companies worked hard during the years that followed the political transformation – the GDP jumped twofold, whereas the earnings – 17 fold. The Adamed Group is an example of a company which achieved market success – after almost 30 years of business activity it can boast the presence of its products on over 40 markets worldwide, a wide portfolio of over 250 products, as well as a constantly developing R&D Department – the last 16 years have resulted in 92 patents, 50 of which come from the innovation area.

The speech was followed by a series of workshops and panel debates, during which the students had a chance to come into personal contact with prospective employers. They were visiting the booths of various companies and collecting detailed information about the enterprises, but also about the possibility of getting hired or being involved in the internship programs. – Poland is one the fastest-growing countries in Europe. An ever-increasing development of companies, emerging start-ups are the symptoms of positive changes. To maintain this trend, our country needs young, educated people who will become the leaders of innovative economy. It is for them that we have created the proper conditions for development in the form of ambitious and fast career path, high-quality training courses and development programs as well as independent project management. – said Tomasz Krzak, HR Director at the Adamed group.

The “Next Step Poland” conference was concluded by an official dinner during which the students had a chance to hold individual talks with selected entrepreneurs.

Prizes and awards
20 February 2015
CSR/Corporate social responsibility
26 January 2015