Prizes and awards

Market Leader of Innovation 2012

1 August 2012

The Market Leader of Innovation program is aimed at companies whose key objectives are: emphasis on highest quality of products, services and management practices as well as customer service and investments in innovative solutions, including research and development of new products and services.  
Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group: We are glad we were awarded the title of Leader of Innovation.  This award is particularly valuable to us when considering that the Adamed Group was the first company to initiate research of innovative drugs in Poland. Innovation is the only path for the Polish pharmaceutical industry. The Adamed Group set out on this path over twenty-five years ago and this awards confirms it was the right. Krzysztof Kurowski, Chief Operations Officer and Director of R&D at the Adamed Group as well as President of Polfa Pabianice S.A. adds: Today we operate projects in areas of oncology, metabolic disorders and dysfunctions of the central nervous system. We conduct our projects in collaboration with leading scientific centers in Poland and abroad, with the faith that the effects of our work will save or improve lives of millions of people around the world. 
The Market Leader in Innovation Program gives an opportunity to present achievements of the company as well as to highlight good practices that everyone can use to develop their company operations with the use of innovative solutions. Adamed Group has received this award for the first time.