Prizes and awards

Innowator Wprost 2012 Statue for Adamed Group

9 October 2012

Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group: I am honored and truly happy. Thank you for recognizing the Adamed Group in such a prestigious category. I am glad that thanks to our research, we will be able to have a hand in creating effective and safe therapies for patients. I would like to thank the employees of Adamed Group and scientists from all over Poland who cooperate with us for their involvement and work in developin our projects. Receiving the Innowator Wprost 2012 Statue, I declare to maintain the highest standards on our path to discovering innovative therapies for Polish patients. Innowator 2012 is also a sign of trust in our work and faith that we will achieve success. On behalf of all employees and myself, I wish take up this responsibility and ensure that we will do everything not to let you down. 

During the gala, which was organized by Wprost weekly, Innowator Wprost 2012 awards went to 21 companies. The statue was awarded in seven categories, i.e. in energy, industry, business services, finances, construction, internet/media/telecom as well as pharmacy/medicine. The ceremony was opened by the Director of the Royal Łazienki Museum Mr. Tadeusz Zielniewicz and hosted by Wprost’s Editor-in-Chief, Michał Kobosko, who also acted as the moderator during a debate on innovation.