Development and innovation

Innovations and the cosmetics industry

15 October 2012

Participants of the meeting concluded that innovations are the solution to key market challenges that the whole industry is currently facing. Roman Młodkowski, Head of TVN CNBC, led a special debate on the role of innovations in the cosmetics industry. Łukasz Kalinowski, Head of Innovations at the Adamed Group, took part in the event and shared his knowledge and experience on developing innovative projects in the biopharmaceutical industry. Also participating in the event were: Prof. Jerzy Hausner from the Cracow University of Economics and member of the Monetary Policy Council; Dr Nadav (Ken) Kennan from Quo Vaid LLC, Piotr Zapadała from the Economic Development Department at the Ministry of Economy as well as representatives of companies: Henryk Orfinger (Dr Irena Eris S.A.), Jean Charles Bondy  (L’Oreal Polska), Leszek Łosiński  (OCEANIC S.A.), Magdalena Burnat-Mikosz  (Deloitte Polska).

Participants of the panel discussed the similarities and differences in creating innovative cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Łukasz Kalinowski, Head of Drug Discovery at the Adamed Group stated: Before biopharmaceutical innovations created by Polish scientists can be launched on the domestic market, they must first go through the central registration process with the European Medicines Agency, making them vulnerable to international competitors early in the development stage. The product development process and the product’s life cycle are also different.  One of the things that is common for both of the industries are the conditions that need to be created for scientists that conduct research and development to ensure that they achieve the intended result. At the Adamed Group, innovative projects are conducted in high-performance teams, characterized by a flat structure, minimum of formalities and strong focus on the objective. Members of the team have differing, often complementary competencies, giving them the ability to have a variety of functions in the team. Open communication and initiative are rewarded. This team structure fosters creativity, raises work effectiveness and often plays a major role in the success of the innovative project. 

Participants of the second panel discussed challenges that come with environmental protection requirements for companies. They also considered the possibilities that arise from implementing the concept of sustainable growth in the cosmetics industry. The event was topped off with an awards ceremony and a concert given by Marcin Spenner.

16 October 2012