I love Pabianice! – autumn education picnic

20 September 2012

The second edition of „I love Pabianice!” was held on September 15th and 16th. Polfa Pabianice, a part of the Adamed Group, once again got actively involved in this event.  Its OTC products and dermocosmetics were given away as prizes in a number of contests.  Polfa Pabianice sponsored several sets of products, which were awarded to the winners. Participants had to demonstrate good knowledge of Polfa Pabianice as well as the Adamed Group. 

Also part of the event were numerous attractions for the residents of the region. Well-known and talented musicians and dancers took to the stage and put on quite a show – the famous Bracia band along with Marta Szymanska, Ganisz dance group and RZK Sound. Visitors had an opportunity to participate in the Pabianice Art Marathon, dance workshops and even do a bungee jump. The whole event got a lot of media attention. 

Krzysztof Kurowski, Director of Operations and R&D at the Adamed Group and Chairman of the Board at Polfa Pabianice S.A.: I along with the employees of Polfa Pabianice are very glad with the fact that once again we had an opportunity to be involved in an event, which was so well received by the residents of the county.

Prizes and awards
21 September 2012
11 September 2012