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Gold medal for Adamed Group Ski Team!

12 March 2013

The Adamed Group Ski Team composed of: Kamila Pinda, Arletta Stasiak, Piotr Ruman, Jacek Warchoł, Michał Wieczorek and Bartosz Komendera easily made it past the elimination round and secured a spot in the 1/8 finals. Next, it beat teams from Astellas and Roche Poland. In the final our team faced the favored team representing Sandoz. After the first run there were no surprises. Sandoz was in first place gaining a 1.43 sec. lead over the Adamed Group Ski Team. However, the second run belonged to Adamed, which not only came back from behind but gained a 3 second jump over Sandoz, which ultimately secured the Polish Pharmaceutical Companies Championship. 

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz's run also ended in success with her capturing a silver medal in the Women's Giant Slalom VIP Race. She was just 0.03 seconds away from the top spot on the podium. - I dedicate this award to women who value the spirit of competition and who are able to transpose their athletic achievements onto the business field. I would like to thank everyone that kept their fingers crossed for me. See you in one year! -  said Małgorzata Adamkiewicz.

- These championships have been exceptionally successful for us.  Congratulations and a thank you to the entire team for their effort, motivation and attitude.  Your skills, and above all, concentration and tactical discipline are the foundation of our successes - added Grzegorz Michniewski in his summary of our team's achievements this year who himself took fifth place in the Men's 50+ Giant Slalom race. 

Ski Team Adamed Group – standings:

Parallel Slalom – Team Relay POWER RACE: 1st place – Adamed Group (Kamila Pinda, Arletta Stasiak, Piotr Ruman, Jacek Warchoł, Michał Wieczorek and Bartosz Komendera). Women’s VIP Giant Slalom: 2nd place – Małgorzata Adamkiewicz. Women’s Giant Slalom: 2nd place – Kamila Pinda, 7th place – Arletta Stasiak, 13th place – Monika Kaszek-Hurnik, 15th place – Oliwia Mokrus-Żebrowska. Men’s Giant Slalom: 5th place – Piotr Ruman, 13th place – Bartosz Komendera. 50+ Men’s Giant Slalom: 5th place – Grzegorz Michniewski. Blizzard Team Giant Slalom: 3rd place – Adamed Group Team: Kamila Pinda, Piotr Ruman, Bartosz Komendera and Michał Wieczorek.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
11 March 2013