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16 March 2012

The new initiative of the Polish Society of Arterial Hypertension “Poland fights hypertension” aims to improve detection rates and educate about effective therapy. 

Research projects relating to the risk factors of cardio-vascular diseases and their spread in Polish society, have shown that in the last decade, despite positive changes in health of Poles, alarming occurrences are taking place. Currently, approx. 32% of Polish adults are afflicted by these ailments with 3 million in this group having no knowledge of this fact.  The Polish Society for Arterial Hypertension is well aware of the need for change in tension control and detection of ailments. Hence the launch of the “Poland fights hypertension” campaign which aims to increase awareness about modern achievements in treating hypertension and provide education about health to Poles. 
The main theme of the “Poland fights hypertension” is to teach about the disease in Poland and show that medicine today offers a series of available and effective preventive and therapeutic solutions. Most amount of work that needs to be done to better protect against the harmful effects of hypertension lies in patients. Therefore, he or she cannot remain passive but should prevent and consistently treat hypertension, without any excuses. Professor Krystyna Widecka from the Hypertensiology and Internal Medicine Department at the Pomeranian Medical University who is also the President of the Polish Society of Arterial Hypertension states “patient with the appropriate knowledge about hypertension and about the therapy itself as well as cooperation with the doctor in ensuring effectiveness of the treatment and control of possible adverse affects have a big influence on achieving complete success in treating this devious disease.” 

Hence, the primary aim of the “Poland fights hypertension” program is to debunk the myths about the sources of the diseases and its effects as well as to shape the right attitudes in patients, which are systematic self-control in consultation with doctors. The program is targeted to two groups – the medical society as well as the general public. Doctors have the opportunity to raise their qualifications through participating in a series of conferences organized in all voivodeships capitals whereas patients are given practical tools to control arterial tension.  In order to make taking care of health more appealing, everyone will have the opportunity to win a vacation of his or her dreams. All that is needed is to regularly measure arterial tension levels and record them in the electronic journal available at Each month, a lucky winner will be chosen from amongst all participants who as a reward for his or her dedication will receive a gift certificate for a foreign holiday. 

More details about the “Poland fights hypertension” program can be found on the official website

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16 April 2012
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12 March 2012