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20 October 2014

This year’s gala,  at which the Scientific Awards of Polityka were given out, was held on October 19 in the editorial office of the Polityka weekly.  The event was attended by Lena Kolarska-Bobińska, the Minister of Science and Higher Education as well as chapter  members of the first and second degree, among others Professor Tomasz Szapiro, Professor Michał Kleiber and Professor Jan Madey.  The Adamed Group was represented by Anna Kosińska,  the Project Manager of the  ADAMED SmartUP program, who pointed out the need of strengthening the Polish intellectual thought through developing young scientific talents as early as at the school stage.  She also mentioned the ADAMED SmartUP – an educational project recently launched by the Adamed Group Foundation. 

-  Our goal is to support the development of science at a really early stage, therefore we launched a unique educational project called ADAMED SmartUP, which aims at developing the potential of especially talented young people.  We hope that in the future the winners of the ADAMED SmartUP project  will also participate in the Scientific Award of Polityka and in a few years we will meet again in the same circle,  appreciating another ambitious and exceptional research projects - said Anna Kosińska. 

Among the winners in the category Exact Sciences was Piotr Niemiec,  Habilitated Doctor, who was distinguished for the achievements in the topology area, Michał F. Kamiński, PhD, who deals with prophylaxis and early detection of the large intestine cancer as well as endoscopic tests of the digestive system, was awarded in the category of science of life; and Michał Kruk, Doctor of Engineering, was recognized in the category of technical sciences.

CSR/Corporate social responsibility
20 October 2014