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Dietary supplement from the ADAMED Group wins the TOP BRAND 2017

9 March 2017

Another product of the ADAMED Group has been praised by consumers. The Mamadha dietary supplement has received the prestigious TOP BRAND 2017 award. The award given in the nationwide LAUR KONSUMENTA 2017 [Consumer’s Laurels 2017] competition is confirmation of the strong position of the product and its approval by customers.

Laur Konsumenta is a project aimed at identifying the most popular brands
and products in a given year, and the decision is made by consumers themselves. Brand recognition by being awarded the Top Brand title confirms that the brand is high recognised and valued among consumers. The success of the Mamadha dietary supplement in the opinion poll is all the more valuable
due to it being voted for exclusively by users, which is the best recommendation and award.

The Mamadha dietary supplement is a preparation for women who want to have a baby, are pregnant, and those breastfeeding. It contains a properly selected composition of DHA, vitamins, and minerals — ingredients that support the body of future mothers and foetal development. The main ingredient, DHA acid, is essential in the diet of any pregnant woman and prevents many complications. The TOP BRAND 2017 award is women’s recognition of a product that was created for them and with them in mind.

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27 March 2017