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Championship title for Adamed Group cycling team

11 June 2012

Participating in the event was the Adamed Group team, which included: Marian Omiotek, Krzysztof Mainert, Piotr Maranda, Tomasz Michalski and Adam Semak. Sporting uniforms with Adamed’s logo the team captured 3 championship titles.
Participating in the race were nearly 100 cyclists, including 10 women. The route was very demanding with a number of steep inclines putting the racers to the test – ten of them did not reach the finish line, resigning from the race. Top cyclists on this difficult route reached speeds of nearly 40 km/h. Among them were also members of the Adamed Group team. Marian Omiotek, team captain, was unbeatable. He distanced himself from the group right from the start and riding alone for 67 km and 1h 53 min fighting with the route and weaknesses. Being four minutes ahead of the group clinched the Championship and next placed second in individual time trial. As every year, winners were selected in categories: Pharmaceutical Companies Employees and Pharmacists 
Champion and Student-Future Doctor Champion. Employees of health services could compete in the open category.  Participants came to the even with their families and friends. Marian Omiotek, team captain: I am satisfied with our result, especially since for the first time we were able to gather such a team. Thanks to our uniforms we could present ourselves as a unified and recognizable team. We began preparations a long time before the start. We hope that this result will have a hand in making cycling more popular in the Adamed Group and will make our team even bigger next year. 
Other members of the team were also successful. Krzysztof Mainert won silver and Piotr Marenda was 5th.  Adamed Semak and Tomasz Michalski who competed in individual time trials placed IV and V respectively.

Prizes and awards
25 June 2012