Atoperal Baby – new skin care line for children.

1 May 2012

Adamed Group, which up to now has offered dermocosmetics for women, decided to extend its portfolio to include dermocosmetics for children and babies. Atoperal Babyincludes especially selected ingredients and a unique formula, which guarantees safety and ensures complex care for sensitive and delicate skin of children and babies older than 1 month. 
Atoperal Baby products contain urea, sepicalm, macademia oil, linseed oil, polidocanol, ceramide complex. Thanks to their qualities, they are an effective moisturizer and soothe irritations.
Atoperal Baby products have been developed in cooperation with dermatologists and have been dermatologically tested. Their high quality has been confirmed by a positive opinion from the Children’s Health Institute. 
Atoperal Baby line includes bath products and after bath skin care:

  • Atoperal baby body emulsion (200 ml/500 ml)
  • Moisturizing and smoothing emulsion. Contains polidocanol, which soothes irritations and is recommended in atopic skin care products.
  • Atoperal baby cream (50 ml)
  • The only cream to contain the unique sk-influx complex that rebuilds the proper protective layer of the skin by providing intercellular cement ingredients, whose shortage is common in atopic skin.  
  • Atoperal baby body wash (250 ml)
  • Body wash for everyday wash and skin care. Delicately washes, moisturizes, soothes irritations, stimulates the protective layer of the skin and smoothes very dry skin.
  • Atoperal baby shampoo (125 ml)
  • Only moisturizing shampoo for skin care on scalp. Contains Biolin, a substance, which is a natural prebiotic, which stimulates the protective layer of the skin. Has moisturizing and soothing effect.
  • Atoperal baby bath emulsion (200 ml/500 ml) 
  • Only bath product based on linseed oil with approval from Children’s Health Institute. Excellent moisturizing and conditioning effect on skin, forms a delicate protective layer on the skin, prevents water loss in skin.