Adamed supports innovative companies from the health sector in the Spanish market

19 September 2022

The first edition of the accelerator program culminated in the presentation of AcexHealth Awards, which took place in Spain in September. The winners included three leading healthcare companies operating in the region of Andalusia. They will receive a funding package, and their representatives will have an opportunity to go to Boston to visit the world’s most innovative medical centers. The second edition of the accelerator program, which will provide, among other benefits, mentoring to 10 companies, was inaugurated on 15 September. The program is scheduled to run from September 2022 to February 2023.

Andalusia is home to around 14.4% of all biotech companies operating in Spain. This makes it Spain’s third most important region for biotechnology, with over 110 companies active in the sector.

Innovation built into the DNA

Adamed has been supporting the development of start-ups and accelerator programs for many years. Since 2015, a dedicated team, Adamed Technology, has been building its presence among new tech companies, with a focus on developing collaboration capabilities. In addition to initiatives related to equity financing, the team supports start-ups in taking their first steps in developing new products and services, and expanding the scale of commercial activities.