Adamed Group at the Meeting of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society

23 October 2017

The lecture took place on the 23rd. Meeting of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society in Krakow, which was held from 19–22 September at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University.

Bartłomiej Żerek delivered a lecture entitled: ‘Oncological Platform of the Innovations Department of Adamed Group — Pre-Clinical Development of AD-O21.32 and AD-O51.4’ during the session ‘Innovative studies of Polish pharmaceutical companies’. The panel was focused on the presentation of selected, currently on-going research projects by pharmaceutical companies, performed independently or in collaboration with scientific entities.

The participants could enjoy five thematic panels. Lectures in the section ‘Directions for development of pharmaceutical sciences in Poland’ focused primarily on pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, practical aspects of the use of pharmacokinetics in therapy and drug research, or molecular mechanisms of action of drugs, and new bioactive substances. The section entitled ‘Social pharmacy — scientific aspects of professional practice’ covered issues connected with research on professional practice, including the role of the pharmacist in the monitoring and improving safety and efficacy of pharmacotherapy. The topic ‘Education in the field of pharmaceutical sciences’ was also mentioned, and the results of research projects carried out by students in the course of their MA programmes, and participation in student scientific clubs were presented.

The main objective of the annual meeting is to exchange experiences and analyse the challenges and opportunities awaiting science and business representatives. The event also offers a space to discuss the benefits of cooperation between the academic community and pharmaceutical companies.

The Polish Pharmaceutical Society is responsible for supporting scientific progress and maintaining its high standard. In 2007, it celebrated its 60th anniversary.