Adamed disease prevention zone at the Toyota showroom

1 October 2019

In cooperation with Toyota, Adamed has carried out almost 250 prophylactic examinations as part of the “Toyota and Adamed care for your family’s health” campaign in the Podkarpackie Province.

On Saturday, 28 September, residents living in or near Rzeszów were given an opportunity to undergo free health checks in the Adamed prophylactic test zone. Visitors could undergo a spirometry test and consult a pulmonologist as part of the “Deep Breath” programme, which aims to raise awareness about the causes and effects of respiratory diseases. Those who wished could also take glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure tests, as well as discuss the results with a cardiologist. 

Adamed also made available the innovative and only glaucoma screening programme of its kind in Europe that was developed under the guidance of Professor Jerzy Szaflik, using e-glaucoma technology. The system uses artificial intelligence in the diagnostic process, which determines whether the fundus image is "healthy" or "sick", using the so-called neural network and a huge knowledge database entered into the system.

“For many years, Adamed has led programmes that have changed the long-term health attitudes of Poles. We educate, promote health awareness and draw attention to the needs of patients and their loved ones,” said Robert Wiśniewski, Adamed's External Relations Manager.