Adamed at the 23rd Economic Forum in Krynica

10 September 2013

Maciej Adamkiewicz and speakers from other European countries including Kamil Blazek, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Association for Foreign Investment (Czech Rep.); Gerd Harms, Advisor of the Board for ENCON Europe (Germany); Elena Bogdanova, Director of the International Business and Law Institute (Russia) and Michał Turzyk, Director of R&D Government Incentives at Deloitte, discussed issues related to R&D. Some of the issues assessed during the panel included: should R&D be considered a cost or an investment, how to develop a competitive advantage based on a strategy of innovation, and how to implement an open innovation model.

During the first part of the debate, panellists shared their views on how R&D functions in various countries. “When looking at research and development in Poland, we have to consider a historical aspect. Economic freedom that began over twenty years ago has developed in us the awareness of a competitive advantage. At the present moment we have very competent managers with the right knowledge allowing to manage R&D processes. We also have individuals with a passion who are active in this field. All of this creates the right kind of climate for R&D to grow” – said Maciej Adamkiewicz.

Commenting on an issue raised during the second part of the debate relating to cooperation between the public and private sector, Maciej Adamkiewicz noted that Poland has developed similar models to those functioning in Germany, where the role of the business partner is primarily focused around coordinating processes. “Cooperation models with universities have recently grown stronger. It is worthy to note that decision processes have improved, while in the past it took two years to set up a consortium with a school at present it is just two months. It is a great benefit for all parties involved in this process” – added Maciej Adamkiewicz in comment to R&D projects run by the Adamed Group with leading research centres in Poland, such as the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and the Medical Univeristy of Gdańsk. At present the Adamed Group cooperates with 17 universities, R&D centres, and biotechnological companies involving several hundred researchers in total.


The Economic Forum in Krynica, organized annualy since 1991 is a significant event in Central and Easter Europe. Its mission is to create a favorable climate for the development of political and economic cooperation between the European Union and neighboring countries. Adamed Group was a partner of the 23rd Economic Forum as well as the Health Care Forum.