Changes to the Adamed Pharma Management Board

7 December 2020

The strong development of Adamed on the Polish and international markets, which is expected to continue into the future, calls for agile organisation management in a fast-changing and unpredictable environment. Therefore, the owners of Adamed Pharma SA – Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Management Board and Małgorzata Adamkiewicz – Vice President of the Management Board have decided to move from the Company’s Management Board to its Supervisory Board. This change will enable them to focus primarily on strategic considerations and directions of Adamed’s development.

In so doing, they have made the next step in the succession process. In their capacity as Supervisory Board members, they will introduce the future successors (Children) to the business management process to make them capable of taking over the management of Adamed in the long term (in a few years’ time).

The owners of Adamed have decided to employ a decentralised business management system in order to make the most of the knowledge and competence of each Management Board member as an expert in his or her respective field.  This management model will allow the Company’s potential to be maximised and to pursue the Company’s mission, which is to respond to the key challenges facing today’s medicine.

At the same time, two new members joined the Management Board: Sylwia Berdzik-Kalarus, Head of Business Development & Portfolio Management, and Marcin Celejewski, Head of Business Innovation Projects.

Adamed remains wholly owned by the Adamkiewicz family and no action is planned to sell any shares to third- party investors or to float the company.