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“Adamed for the Family” – launch of a new program of free medical screening and advice

16 August 2022

Free “Adamed for the Family” health promotion zones will be put up in Pabianice and Kołobrzeg in late August, and in Leszno, Ełk, and Nowy Sącz in September and October. Among other health-related services, visitors will be offered health screening in a number of areas including cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, diabetology, and ultrasonography, as well as urology advice and psychological workshops. To mark the World Heart Day, the campaign will also hit Katowice. The new program launched by Adamed Pharma will feature five locations where patients face difficulties with access to medical professionals or healthcare services because of long waiting times. The campaign responds to public expectations and underlines the company’s sustained commitment to support Polish patients in improving their health and prolonging lives.

“Adamed for the Family” – a social campaign initiated and run by the Polish pharmaceutical company Adamed Pharma – will be available during the summer vacation and in the fall in five Polish towns where patients have problems with access to medical practitioners because the waiting times are longer than in other healthcare facilities. An additional criterion for town selection adopted by the organizers was the size of the population (50–100,000 inhabitants). Such locations face the problem of limited access to specialized medical services. To contribute to remedying the situation, this year’s campaign will hit Pabianice, Kołobrzeg, Leszno, Ełk and Nowy Sącz.

“We need to keep raising awareness of the importance of disease prevention. Patients should be made to realize the effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices, pandemic-related neglect or factors underlying the development of diseases. However, the main thing is to offer them an opportunity to be examined and consulted by a doctor. The key to improving the overall health of Poland’s population today is reducing the so-called health debt. There are still areas in Poland where patients have to wait several months or even longer for an appointment with a cardiologist. The situation is similar when it comes to access to other medical specialists dealing with lifestyle diseases, such as pulmonologists or ophthalmologists. Consequently, any initiative contributing to an improvement in the health of the Polish population is very valuable. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of professional medical consultations in places where no such opportunity exists on a daily basis” – says Prof. Filip Szymański, MD, PhD, President of the Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine which serves as a medical patron of the “Adamed for the Family” campaign.

As part of the campaign, free health promotion zones will be set up, where patients will be offered free screening and medical consultations in a range of areas including:

  • cardiology (cardiac echo, lipid profile: total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides; blood glucose test; blood pressure and pulse measurement),
  • pulmonology (spirometry),
  • ophthalmology (eye fundus examination followed by medical consultation – assessment of the retina, vessels, optic disc and macula with an ophthalmoscope and eye speculum),
  • diabetology (glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test – glucose level
    over the past six months),
  • urology,
  • ultrasound screening (abdomen, prostate, breast, thyroid, testicles),
  • psychological workshops for children and adolescents.

All diagnostic services will be performed under the professional supervision of medical specialists: physicians or a nursing team. As an add-on benefit, visitors will be offered access to a pulmonary rehabilitation zone, a first aid course, and a fun zone for children.

In this edition, an additional location has been added to the campaign trail. On 24 September, “Adamed for the Family” will arrive in Katowice, which is this year’s hub of the World Heart Day events in Poland.

Widely recognized as a socially responsible company, Adamed Pharma is launching a new campaign aimed at increasing the availability of medical services, both screening and consultations, in places where it is most needed. We believe that our initiative will contribute to raising health awareness and improving the health status of our country’s population” – says Katarzyna Dubno, Public Affairs & Market Access Director at Adamed Pharma S.A.

“Adamed for the Family” is a campaign targeted at the whole family, including children. Adamed Pharma has been contributing to improvements in the health of entire generations for years. The primary focus has always been on families, with social health programs including “Deep Breath”, “Find Yourself”, “New Heart”, and “Adamed for Seniors”.

Adamed Pharma’s health program is open to everyone residing in or visiting the towns on the campaign trail. Events are scheduled to take place on Sundays between 10 am and 6 pm to make sure that as many patients as possible get access to medical screening and consultations, which will have an impact on reducing the health debt. The campaign’s services will be provided free of charge, but limits will apply. The organizers encourage online pre-registration at www.AdamedDlaRodziny.com to ensure the availability of the services of interest. However, pre-registration is not a necessity and you can also visit the health promotion zones on the day of the campaign. Prospective participants are also reminded that some of the medical examinations require prior preparation. Also, they are required to comply with the COVID-19 sanitary measures
in place at healthcare facilities.

The campaign is scheduled to take place under the medical patronage of the Polish Society of Lifestyle Medicine, the Polish Society of Allergology, and the Maria Grzegorzewska University.


“Adamed for the Family” – 2022 Schedule of Events:

21 August – Pabianice

28 August – Kołobrzeg

18 September – Leszno

24 September – Katowice (World Heart Day)

2 October – Ełk

16 October – Nowy Sącz