Adamed Pharma and Good Sleeper join forces to ensure healthy sleep for Ukrainian citizens

26 October 2022

By working together, Adamed Pharma and Good Sleeper created the Ukrainian language version of Good Sleeper, the well-known application supporting the treatment for insomnia. Until 31 December 2022, users from Ukraine will be able to use one of 10,000 free access codes to the basic version of the application. It will be available to both to asylum-seekers and those staying in their homeland.

The observation of the crisis related to the war in Ukraine and the often extremely difficult situation of millions of Ukrainian refugees staying in Poland and other countries prompted Adamed Pharma and the owner of the Good Sleeper platform to start cooperation to help those affected by the war crisis on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border, for whom sleeplessness is one of the symptoms of stress and testing experiences. This is why the Ukrainian language version of the Good Sleeper application was created. The mobile application is combined with a 6-week programme based on cognitive behavioral therapy recommended as a primary method in insomnia treatment. Until 31 December 2022, Ukraine citizens, both those staying in and outside their country, will be able to use one of 10,000 free access codes to the basic version of the application.

“As an innovative company, Adamed pays special attention to addressing unmet medical needs, bearing in mind the health and safety of patients and the efficiency of the healthcare system.  The progressing digital transformation smoothly enters new areas of our lives. Digital solutions help us deal with problems, including health-related ones, and digital therapy of insomnia is an excellent example of this. So far, Adamed Pharma has allocated almost PLN 13 million to help Ukraine, which includes the funding of drugs and medical aid. The cooperation with the Good Sleeper team and joint development of solutions is another form of our support for the Ukrainian nation,” says Paweł Roszczyk, Managing Director of Adamed Pharma.

Insomnia is a very common civilization disease caused by excessive excitation and stress. Today the circadian rhythm regulates our lives to a lesser extent than before. The constant access to information gives us no respite and makes it difficult to separate contexts, e.g. professional from private life. According to research, up to 19% of the population in the 18-64 age group suffer from insomnia. The sense of insecurity related to the war crisis only deepens those statistics. The application created by Good Sleeper can be a help here. The tool was developed by an interdisciplinary team, whose members include, among others: Dr Małgorzata Fornal-Pawłowska, psychotherapist – one of the pioneers of CBT-I in Poland, and psychiatrist Dr Michał Skalski – one of the leading authorities on sleep medicine in Poland. The Good Sleeper application is a class 1 medical device. It helps significantly reduce the symptoms of insomnia, which was demonstrated in a randomised study conducted in cooperation with the SWPS University. Good Sleeper is the only company in Poland to provide the application for CBT-I (cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia).

“Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is an effective method of improving sleep. It also works well for people whose sleep problems started due to stress, other diseases or trauma. We hope that with our application, which comes with a treatment programme for insomnia, we will be able to support people affected by the war in Ukraine – help them improve their sleep, and in this way strengthen them mentally and physically,”  Dr Małgorzata Fornal-Pawłowska notes.

Possible benefits after 6 weeks of using the programme:

  • Falling asleep faster and not waking up at night;
  • Healthier, more efficient sleep;
  • Learning the causes of your insomnia and effective ways to address them;
  • The ability to identify thoughts and cognitive distortions that negatively affect sleep, and to learn techniques to change them;
  • Monitoring of sleep parameters and the ability to assess sleep performance;
  • Knowledge of cognitive-behavioral techniques that work well in the treatment of insomnia, including: a method of limiting sleep times, a technique of stimulus control, a relaxation technique, formulating alternative thoughts;
  • Professional knowledge about the structure of sleep, its impact on everyday functioning, as well the impact of everyday behaviours on sleep;
  • Healthy habits allowing you to fall asleep regularly.

Adamed Pharma is actively searching for innovative solutions in medicine. Since 2015, the company has had a team cooperating with the community of young technology firms: Adamed Technology. Their activities are holistic in nature – they focus not only on financing, but also on supporting startups in taking the first steps in creating new products, services and developing commercial activities.

“Access to new health technologies being placed on the market is often very limited and this needs to be changed urgently. And Adamed wishes to be at the forefront of this change. As in this case, I am confident that by providing Ukrainian citizens with the digital tool supporting the fight against insomnia we will bring a measurable relief to healthcare systems – both at home, when we host our guests here, and in Ukraine, when Ukrainian citizens choose to stay in their homeland,” says Marcin Szczeciński, Manager of Capital Expenditures at Adamed.

Codes that allow the application to be activated free of charge in the Ukrainian version are available for download at: