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Adamed – where Polish innovation thrives

22 October 2020

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Adamed is one of the largest Polish innovators in terms of patent applications.

According to the EPO Patent Index, Adamed is one of the leading Polish patent applicants – states “Rzeczpospolita” daily in its article “Polish innovation is gaining momentum”. In 2019, Adamed filed 5 patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO).

According to data from the European Patent Office, Poland is ranked 26th globally in terms of the number of applications, and the number of submissions filed by national applicants declined by almost 10% last year. Looking at the past decade, the number of Polish applications has increased significantly – from 205 to 469 in 2019 – but Poland continues to lag behind other European countries. 

Polish research ideas

Adamed holds nearly 200 patents in most countries around the world. Since 2001, when Adamed pioneered R&D work on innovative medicines in Poland, the company has continued to be an undisputed R&D leader in the Polish pharmaceutical industry.

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23 October 2020