Development and innovation

Adamed to open a new therapeutical line in Spain

31 January 2022

A consistently implemented growth strategy based on two pillars – innovation and international expansion – has made the pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Adamed a renowned global brand whose products are available to patients in 76 countries worldwide. Spain is one of those countries. Using the potential of both the market and Adamed Pharma’s portfolio, the company has made a strategic decision to significantly expand its presence in this region. Accordingly, it is developing its cardiological line called Adamed Cardio.


As part of the Adamed Cardio project, the company is launching therapies for cardiological patients in the Spanish market. In the years 2022-2025, Adamed is planning to introduce 16 new products in Spain which will provide effective and modern therapies for cardiovascular diseases.

For many years, we have recorded a steady increase in the volume and value of Adamed Pharma products sold. International operations currently account for a third of our business, and our development plans anticipate a further strategic focus, and a gradual consolidation and expansion of our presence on foreign markets. For this reason, the Spanish market, being the tenth largest pharmaceutical market in the world, remains highly vital for us and we have some comprehensive business plans for it. This is a priority direction of our international expansion in the B2C model, next to Italy, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Eastern markets which are still associated with a high geopolitical risk, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan,” says Sylwia Berdzik-Kalarus, Member of the Management Board at Adamed Pharma S.A. and Director of Commercial Affairs and Business Development.

Since 2019, Adamed Pharma has been regularly expanding business support functions in Spain. At present, Adamed Laboratorios is created by a team of over 100 people; 42 of all collaborators are a part of a new sales and marketing forces of Adamed Cardio line.

Spain is the fifth largest pharmaceutical market in Europe. Developing the structures of Adamed Laboratorios and expanding the product portfolio has been the Adamed Group’s biggest investment project among our international branches. It has been both a very special honor and a huge responsibility for us. It is our ambition to finance this investment project with funds generated locally by Adamed Laboratorios, and to become one of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the open Rx market in Spain over the next five to seven years,” says Marcin Nowak, General Manager of Adamed Laboratorios S.L.U.

Adamed Pharma has been present in Spain since 2009.