Adamed Pharma is continuing to supply aid to Ukraine

31 March 2022

[Information update]

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Adamed Pharma launched a range of aid activities which are currently prioritized towards securing drug supplies. To date, Adamed Pharma has donated to Ukraine medicines and medical aid worth EUR 1.2 million.  At the same time, the company is maintaining its focus on ensuring uninterrupted availability of drugs in Poland. 


In the face of continued and intensifying conflict in Ukraine, Adamed Pharma has been focusing its aid efforts on supplying necessary medications to hospitals in the war-affected zones. Our activities are coordinated on an ongoing basis with the Polish government, state institutions (including the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves), local government agencies, and organizations specialized in providing assistance in crisis situations.

Medicines and medical supplies from Adamed Pharma, worth over EUR 920,000 have already been delivered to hospitals in Ukraine, where they are used to help the injured and the sick. We are currently preparing further shipments of donations based on the needs reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Ukrainian hospitals. Their total value will be nearly EUR 215,000. We are focusing on targeted actions to make sure that our medicines are effectively delivered to places that need them most.

Since the first day of the war, Adamed has been providing assistance to the Ukrainian fellow workers and their families. The company makes sure that their life’s needs are provided for, and they have the necessary material and psychological support. At the same time, support is being given to those who were or still are in the war zones. Adamed is also providing assistance to the fellow workers from Ukraine working in the Production and Logistics Center in Pabianice, together with their families. Within the organization, Adamed’s employees have been coordinating the collection of supplies, as well as volunteering activities, and arranging transport and accommodation for Ukrainian families, since the first days of the war.

Adamed Pharma is also providing financial assistance to top-priority initiatives and support partner NGOs, so that aid efforts are implemented in a systematic and planned manner. Adamed Pharma has made a financial donation to Polish Medical Mission. The funds will contribute towards medical support, complementing Adamed’s ongoing aid activities. The Adamed Foundation has provided financial aid worth to SOS Children’s Villages in Poland. This NGO is known for supporting abandoned and orphaned children in 135 countries. The donation will be allocated to supporting the youngest refugees who have fled war to find safe haven in Poland.

The value of family is priceless. At a time when many Ukrainian families live in painful separation from their loved ones, the Adamed Foundation is helping the youngest family members to get through this difficult time in a new foreign country. This is why a total of 2,100 school starter kits will be gifted in April to Ukrainian children who have started their education in Polish schools. The kits are distributed through local and government institutions in Warsaw, Lublin, and Rzeszów. The students will be equipped with backpacks, school accessories, and art supplies.

At the same time, the company is taking continuous steps to deliver uninterrupted therapies to patients in Poland. Currently, all Adamed Pharma production facilities are running at full capacity and supplying the required products. We have sufficient stocks of APIs, other production materials, and finished products. We are constantly monitoring stock levels and supply chains to promptly respond to an increased demand and ensure uninterrupted availability of our drugs for patients in Poland.


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