22nd Economic Forum in Krynica

10 September 2012

Representatives of the Adamed Group took active part in panel discussions focusing on health care in Poland. 
This year’s Health Care Forum, organized during the event in Krynica, focused on the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Representatives from regulatory agencies, legislators, payer institutions and companies debated on subjects related to the influence of demographic changes on the health care system, investments in public health services as well as the shape and ways of financing hospitals. Of course, the topic of medicine reimbursement was also mentioned during the discussions. In a debate on this subject one of the speakers was Maciej Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Group who said: The regulator should guaranteed long-term legal stability. Meanwhile, the current system of medicine reimbursements is not conducive to developing medical and pharmaceutical technologies in Poland. Varying interpretations of reimbursement regulations, ignorance of limits during negotiations or failure to maintain order in processing reimbursement claims are just some of the problems. All of this will have very serious consequences for the whole industry. Therefore, there is a need to take up initiatives beyond just the level of the Ministry to develop the sector, which in turn will lead to develop pro-innovation tax, funding and patent policies in Poland. Innovation must be stimulated, as it is the only thing that in the long-term will have a positive impact on the quality of life of society or lead to economic growth. 
In his assessment of this year’s Forum, Mr. Adamkiewicz says: Polish medicine has a great number of assets. If we take advantage of them, we will seize the opportunity to develop effective and marketable therapies, safe medicaments and a dynamically developing sector that achieves success on foreign markets. However, it is vital for the conclusions of this discussion to be implemented into long-term strategies of the government that will contribute to the development of this industry in Poland. 

Prizes and awards
10 September 2012