10th Conference of the Pharma Industry

29 October 2014

The aim of the conference was to present and describe the most recent technological solutions, production trends and strategies applied in the pharmaceutical industry.  During the grand opening, Maciej Adamkiewicz, the President of Board of the Adamed Group, pointed out that pharmacy, along with medicine and IT, constitutes one of the most important branches of European economies and, in order to strengthen its competitiveness,  it is essential to invest in the development of innovation. 

The opening lecture entitled  „From science to business” was given by  Krzysztof Kurowski,  Chief Operating Officer and R&D Director of the Adamed Group.  In his lecture he described the effort that a company needs to make to become the leader of the Polish market of innovative drugs and therapies.  The later part of the conference was devoted to finding an answer to the question „How to save without actually saving?” – this interactive discussion was conducted by Bartłomiej Rodawski,  Operating Director of the Adamed Group.  In the discussion, the questions directed to panelists were based on arguments related to the issues of innovation, strategy, production, and quality control. After the official part, the participants attended a series of lectures held within six thematic sections. The section devoted to the modern machine park was run by Mariusz Trojanowski, Production Division Director at the Adamed Group, the section entitled „From raw material to the ready-made good – quality control at specific production stages” was run by Sylwia Różalska, Quality Division Director at the Adamed Group.  

On the second day of the conference three discussion panels were held.  All of them were moderated by the   Adamed Group speakers: the debate „Can risk be measured?” by Sylwia Różalska, “Benchmark of operational effectiveness” by Bartłomiej Rodawski and  “Continuous improvement” by Mariusz Trojanowski.  Later, the guests visited the production plants of the Adamed Group in Ksawerów and Pabianice.