Organic Synthesis Department

Organic Synthesis Department

The Organic Synthesis Department participates in key projects supporting Adamed’s operations. An important part of the team’s work is conducting API development projects to identify new and economically attractive synthesis paths. The Organic Synthesis Department is also involved in Adamed’s drug development projects and supports the Analytics and Formulation & Technology Departments by providing the highest quality active ingredients and impurity reference standards for APIs. 

In our state-of-the-art laboratories, intensive research is conducted to obtain innovative molecules – potential medicines for use in oncology. Because of their invention potential, the results of these research projects are protected through patent applications.

The Organic Synthesis Department uses semi-industrial facilities which allow the team to rescale the newly designed innovative syntheses from a laboratory to a semi-industrial scale, making it possible to run and control optimised synthesis processes of up to 1 kg. The work at the OSD is done based on global trends using cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. This includes the H-Cube reactor, microwave reactor, Easy Max workstation, Flow reactor, as well as preparative flash and HPLC chromatography analysers.

To ensure the team’s safety, all project work in the Organic Synthesis labs is done in compliance with the highest global OHS standards, which are regularly reviewed and improved.

The Organic Synthesis Department provides technical support for R&D and other departments at Adamed by providing relevant qualitative documentation which is subject to external audits.