Formulation & Technology Department

Formulation & Technology Department

The Formulation and Technology Department is the unit responsible for technological development to select optimal compositions and manufacturing techniques for solid dosage forms. Currently, the development of liquid dosage forms is also carried out by F&T. The laboratory zone is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with dedicated lines for mixing, dry, wet, and fluidised bed granulation, extrusion, pelletization, tableting, coating, and encapsulation.

The equipment available for laboratory development enables the formulation of test batches with sizes ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred grams, and is the same as at the Pilot Plant where further process scaling and optimisation are performed. Qualitatively identified products and processes are implemented on the production lines at the drug manufacturing plants of Polfa Pabianice and Adamed Pharma in Ksawerów.

In addition to the traditional solid dosage forms, the Formulation & Technology Department develops other forms, such as granulates, powders, coated and uncoated tablets, modified release products, and hard capsules but mainly new complex forms, such as multilayer tablets or multi-dose capsules.

Thanks to one of the latest investments in this area, pharmaceuticals can now be developed using the innovative Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) technology. Formulation research is conducted in ongoing collaboration with the Preformulation and Analytics Departments, patent attorneys, manufacturing process engineers, as well as internal and external clinical experts. As a result of this collaboration, unique and advanced therapies are developed, usually containing two or three active pharmaceutical ingredientsthat give patients access to medicines of proven quality.